Course curriculum

  • 1

    History of the Internet and How It Works

    • The History of the Internet and How It Works

  • 2

    Find Your IP Address

    • Find Your Own IP Address

  • 3

    Hardware Overview

    • Hardware Overview and Parts List

  • 4

    Prepare the Raspberry Pi

    • Preparing an SD card for Raspberry Pi

    • Recommended Option: Raspberry Pi Imager

    • Alternative Option: Download Raspbian OS and Use Balena Etcher

    • SSH File With No Extension

    • Configuration SSH for First Time Boot-up

    • Setup the Raspberry Pi Connections

    • Install PuTTY

    • Connect to the Raspberry Pi Using PuTTY SSH

    • Install and Configure Pi Hole Ad-blocker

    • Configure Your Router to Use Pi-Hole

    • Alternative: Manually Configure Each Device

    • Test Blocking Ads